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Foundation investigation is made for a variety of reasons including, slide, differential settlement, hill side locations, drainage, earthquake retrofitting, floor wetness, cracks due to the age of structure or for the peace of mind in Earthquake Country.  Foundation analysis and design is an essential part of a structure, home or building, this is an advanced engineering specialty and should only be entrusted to State Licensed Civil and Geotechnical Engineers.

Our Services Include

Foundation inspection for residential and commercial buildings
Assessment of foundation condition, cracks, movement and adequacy vis-a-vis earthquake forces
Analysis and suggested repairs or modification
Installation of drop-in anchor bolts, shear paneling and bracings to conform with earthquake upgrading
Underpinning to contain ongoing movement and crack development
Soil Stabilization including: soil nailing, tieback tendons, ground anchors, grout injection piles, etc.
Design and construction of French drain and sump pump system to divert water away and protect the foundation
Provide advice to owner, resolve, repair and upgrade all kind of foundation types
Concrete foundation & driveway construction
Termite and structural repairs

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