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Soil Reports are mandated by the city/county building department, they are needed for new constructions or additions to an existing home or building.  The report provides design parameters and recommendation for seismic forces based on the California Building Code 2010, grading, slope stability, drainage, foundation engineering, construction and other pertinent technical information. We also provide Soil / Toxicity reports covering Title 22 in accordance with EPA guidelines, Soil / Corrosivity, Soil / Bacteriology , Waste-Storm Water & Soil Chemical reports .

Elements of the Soil Report

Search at the city & county level for available geological & geotechnical records and historical data
Study of the viable USGS and EPA data with Title 22 applications when applicable.
Site investigation including drilling and CONTINUOUS sampling program, for full and comprehensive mapping of the entire sub surface, missing no layer or strata, and leading to an economical design based on scientific facts and not approximations.
Water table accurate readings through the installation of Piezometers for next day measurements.
Laboratory testing of the samples (10- 40 each) and soil parameters identification, development of the boring logs. Toxicity testing using EPA methods.
Engineering calculation of soil bearing capacity, shear, skin friction, etc.
Seismic Factors based on California Building Code 2010
Engineering calculation for soil / structure interaction, settlement, slide, tension cracks, slope stability, etc.
Publishing the Soil/Geotechnical report containing all pertinent site, drainage & foundation data  and recommendation for drainage, foundation type & structure for Engineering Design.
The Report bears the professional engineering wet stamp of our licensed geotechnical engineer in the State of California
The cost for professional engineering services starts at $250/hour. The total cost for a soil report and geotechnical reconnaissance review varies between $1500 and $7000 depending on the needed field & laboratory investigation and it is different for each site.

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